Barking Heads Big Foot Tender Loving Care With Offer

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1xBag 2xBag This delicious adult large breed chicken recipe contains 50% fresh and dried chicken, providing optimised fat & protein and balanced calcium & phosphorus for strong bones, with joint & hip care for healthy joints. 'Big Foot's Tender Loving Care' uses chicken as it is very digestible and gentle on the stomach. If your big foot enjoys a chicken dinner or has sensitive tummy, loose stools or flatulence, 'Big Foot's Tender Loving Care' may just be the answer- perfect for any 'big foot's' supper!

• 50% single protein Chicken
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• Free from ingredients known to cause digestive problems in dogs
• Made in Britain using only the finest ingredients
• No added synthetic preservatives, flavourings or colourings



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