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This Curious Kitten recipe is full of all the nutrients your kitten needs to grow into a healthy, happy cat. We worked really closely with vets, nutritionists and eager kitty taste testers to make it the most naturally wholesome and delicious recipe possible for your new fluffball, with an irresistible pš”t_ texture.

With 65% meaty greatness, it has a scrumptious mix of freshly prepared and sustainably sourced chicken, pork, trout and beef to keep your kitten interested, and to help them discover different flavours so theyš?re braver with new meals as they grow.

Itš?s a nutritionally complete and balanced recipe with chelated minerals and Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and fur, and absolutely no meat meal or meat derivatives in our recipes.

As cats havenš?t evolved to eat grains, this recipe is completely grain free. It leaves more room for meat and offal, which is full of nutrients like taurine to keep your cat healthy, and taste to keep your cat happy.

1.Full of 65% meaty greatness (the freshly prepared meat and offal that cats thrive on)

2.The rest is a perfect balance of moisture for hydration with vitamins and chelated minerals for optimal absorption

3.Complete and balanced nutrition including essential taurine, vital for your catš?s health

4.All natural and grain free recipe

5.No meat meal, bone meal or animal derivatives, ever

6.By serving up this dish, youš?re looking after your catš?s world, too. We use sustainably sourced ingredients, no animal derivatives and the tray is completely recyclable.



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