Lily's Kitchen Adult 8+ Salmon & Trout Dry Dog Food With Offer

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Lily's Kitchen Scottish Salmon Trout Gluten Free Dry Food for Dogs

At Lily's Kitchen, we believe pets deserve to eat proper food that's full of nourishing ingredients, which is even more important for dogs in their golden years. That's why we have worked closely with vets and nutritionists to create this exceptional recipe for older dogs.

Our Scottish Salmon and Trout with Turkey and Herbs dry food is made with a blend of unique ingredients to help keep the spring in the step of all our senior dogs. Made with over 40% delicious Turkey, Salmon and Trout, this gluten free recipe is packed with the highest levels of joint care supplements to give your wise and wonderful friend the most nutritious dinner around.

We use only real, freshly prepared meat and nutritious organs for all our dry food recipes - we never use any nasty dried meats or meat meal (which can include a high percentage of carcass) that are so hard for dogs to digest. Our unique wholesome food doesn't contain any fillers or artificial additives, just 100% natural ingredients + vitamins and minerals of the highest quality. So itأƒآچs perfect for sensitive stomachs too.

Specially designed for senior dogs aged 8 years +.

Made in the UK and delivered in 100% compostable and recyclable bags.



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