Meowing Heads Kittens Delight With Offer

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A complete kitten food that has all the right ingredients for kittens to grow up into top cats! Kittens also have very small stomachs (about the size of a walnut at 8 weeks old) but large appetites. The specific kibble size, shape and density is fab for weaning onto a dry food. With correct levels of calcium and phosphorous levels for healthy bone growth and strong teeth it is a delight to feed your kitten ‘Kitten’s Delight!’

Available in 250g & 1.5kg

• 62% Chicken & White Fish
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• A complete kitten food with optimum levels of calcium & phosphorus for controlled teeth and bone growth
• Made in Britain using only the finest ingredients
• No added synthetic preservatives, flavourings or colourings



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